John Kupillas
Chaplain - Army

John was born on June 13th 1947 in Queens, NY. When John was 15 his father had passed away leaving a void in his life. He was drafted into the Army on Nov 8th 1966 and was in the Field Artillery. John married his sweetheart at the time and in October 1967 John was sent to Vietnam where he was assigned to a 175 MM Howitzer Battery. John was assigned to a roving gun battery where he assisted in places like Dah-To, Duc'cr, Kon-Tum to name a few. His main duties for artillery was the Ho Chi Min Trail. He was in the Army until October 25th 1968. 
John lived in Levittown NY until 1990 and remarried in 1996. He and his wife Patti moved to Milford in 1997. John was on the School Board for Delaware Valley School System form 2007 until 2011. John is very community minded.
He belongs the the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Disabled American Veterans Association, American Legion, and the Vietnam Veterans Association. John is the Chaplain for both the VFW and the VVA.