Greg Mascola
Sergeant at Arms - Army

Married April 26 1986 to Franny Mascola-Still married.

One child- Nicholas Gregory born June 17, 1987.

Nick Was a High School Wrestler and Football player.

He is married to Andrea and they have 2 children. Miles is 3 years old and Ruby is 3 months old.

Nick graduated from Penn State's main campus with a master's degree in Computer Engineering and works for Penn State in the Applied Research Lab.

I joined the USN after High School. I served aboard the USS Forrestal. I reached the rank of MM3.

I drove a tractor-trailer for 27 years. Then I worked for Tobyhanna Army Depot for 13 years. I was a bus driver and then a Maintenance Mechanic WG-10 before retirement.

On 9/11 I drove a tractor trailer for Allegiance Healthcare making deliveries to northern New Jersey. During my deliveries I saw the first tower smoking and shortly later the second. I went back to Montgomery Ny and with a police escort delivered Hospital Supplies to Liberty State Park. This was the triage center for survivors.

Immediately after 9/11, I joined the PA Army National Guard after a 17-year break in service. I was deployed to Bosnia for a year and then to Iraq for a year. In Iraq, I was Squad leader (E-6 SSG). I lead my squad on convoy security missions throughout Iraq. We also provided perimeter security for Al Asad Air Base in the western Al Abar Province of Iraq. I was Soldier of the Year in 2003 for the entire 28th Infantry Division.